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he means this: pawn Код: stock GetPlayerNameEx(playerid){    new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];    GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));    name[strfind(name, "_")] = ' ';    return name;...
Anthony howz darez yuuz deletez me frum MSNz
What do you mean 'nothing happens'? Are you sure all your co-ords are right? Try some debugging with printf();
Do you mean slow? Try putting pawn Код: UsePlayerPedAnim(); under OnGameModeInit // This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between posts. Please try again in 35 seconds.
Quote: Originally Posted by gabitzu4ever But do not look anything Use printf -.-
Quote: Originally Posted by dat_nguyen where i have to put that code you can use teamview to help me please thank you Was it too hard to read? Quote: Originally Posted by ...
Thank you, Wesley. EDIT: Both 30% and 50% are "80" ? D:
I never really learned this.. which opacities are more visible? Which are more invisible? I basically use 'FF' for my opacity in everything. It works fine. But in my current instance I need darker &a...
Quote: Originally Posted by grand.Theft.Otto How about you fuck off with your roleplay edits Some people spend countless months/years scripting their own scratch gamemode and shitty rp ed...
Song @ 2:25? Fucking bawss. Awesome video too I wish I could drift lol. EDIT: Didn't watch all the way through yet :P Zeds dead - solid choice.
No, I can't. It goes underneath: pawn Code: format(msg,sizeof(msg),"%s has solved a task successfully in %i seconds (Ans: %i)",name, GetTimerInSeconds(GetTickCount(),gServerData[E_START_TIME]), gSer...
Add this: NOTE: The code is not complete. Try finishing it. pawn Code: new wea = id1,id2,id3,id4,      rand(4);    switch(rand) {    case 1: {        GivePlayerWeapon(playerid, id1, 100);...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bakr NULL basically means nothing, or empty, so it makes sense to be there if there is no value for that field! Anyway, you may have set up your table to defa...
What's the name and/or ID of that interior that EVERYBODY uses for city hall / job center ? I can't remember and can't find it. :P
pawn Код: strcat(BizInfo[biz][bName], BizName[playerid]); This line will not work. It worked before here... pawn Код: strcat(BizName[playerid], inputtext); But will not transfer BizName to ...
Quote: Originally Posted by [L3th4l] Read sscanf2 topic, "e<>" is used to load the enum. As for that problem, it might either be, you don't have an "AddPlayerClass" or you are setti...