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Politiebureau* en meer van dat soort dingen.
For people who come here after searching: the solution for warning 211: possibly unintended assignment is that you are assigning a value inside an IF-statement. Код: /** will 99.9% of times defau...
This is why indentation exists. Look over your code and at the lines where you got your opening brackets. Then look under it to see if you got a matching closing one.
De laatste van je voertuigen worden niet gecontroleerd omdat je loop TOT het nummer gaat en je nog een voertuig hebt buiten die array grootte. 14 bij SASD en 20 bij SFMD
Quote: Originally Posted by podalove what about the TTL ? TTL is Time To Live; which notes the time (in seconds) that this rule is being cached by all servers
Quote: Originally Posted by SpikeSpigel Код: PlayerShowus[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, 641.875000, 288.750000, "LD_SPAC:white"); PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid, Showu...
Are you 100% sure the database service has crashed? Because there is nothing in that log that shows that the service actually shut down.
Find your other 'string' variable in the global namespace and verify if it is the same size. Don't just copy/paste code 'because it works'. Also: your code can be so much smaller/easier. Since the in...
Did you know that if you use the magic that is ****** and use '' you can find everything you just described and that more magic happens? If you keep asking for stuff, you are only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Krokett My guess would be: int is a reserved keyword thus he needed to add quotation marks to int. That is exactly the problem. However, 'text' is a reserved...
Can't you just use these: Код: {"Los Santos", {44.60,-2892.90,-242.90,2997.00,-768.00,900.00}}, {"Las Venturas", {869.40,596.30,-242.90,2997.00,2993.80,900.00}}, ...
Код: id <= MAX_HOUSE I am guessing MAX_HOUSE is defined as 500? Then the containing array has ids from 0 to 499, meaning you cannot access element 500 because it is not there. Change the <= ...
For your array index out of bounds. I am guessing it is that IsShopVehicle will return a value -1 and you are trying to get the array with this: Код: VehicleInfo[IsShopVehicle[vehicleid]][vColor1]...
Код: if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid,3.0,posX[pid][id],posY[pid][id],posZ[pid][id])) { //something here... } else return SendClientMe...
I am guessing it is this one: VehicleData[i][vPark] that does not match in sizes
That is because you are only checking one char. text[0] cannot contain two items
Код: SetTimer("Unjail",time*1000,false); As I am taking it, you are now entering it in milliseconds, you can just multiply it by 1000 to go from MS to S
Код: CMD:back(playerid, params[]) { new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], stringz[128]; GetPlayerName(playerid, name, MAX_PLAYER_NAME); format(stringz, sizeof(stringz), "%s Back", name); SendClie...
You can create a ticketcost[playerid] variable and save the cost for the ticket for the player.