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Some pictures or a video would be nice so we know what we're actually implementing into our scripts.
Quote: Originally Posted by AiRaLoKa now trying... EDIT: work like a charm thanks a lot +REP No problem :P.
this happens when you run samp? Try going into your Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/ and try deleting the gta_sa.set and run the game. The game SHOULD boot in 800x900 resolution which allows you ...
The command that enter's the DM please.
For lines 125, 127, and 129. For line 154 For line 179
Well I like his Idea and effort.. But It just won't go that great with the SA-MP community in my opinion. Thought I like his creativity.
Try using the Nativechecker plugin to see what the issue is. It'll give a better explanation of why you server isn't starting.
To be honest.. One query should be enough. Make it so it gets the ammo amount and updates it with that ammo. Then once you log in make sure it reads from the database to give that player that ammo amo...
Great Idea.. I might consider using this on my server for elevators and possibly Aircraft hangers. +rep.
Not sure unless you make a command that makes them do the animation....Or...
Best alternative is to code the script to fit the new plugins and if you can't do that I guess you're best off looking for a new script.
Sorry I haven't done this yet, But It has something to do with the DNS-Records and the sub domains. I guess all you can do is play around with them or wait for someone who has more experience to help ...
undefined symbol "dUserINT" That isn't defined, In other words.. It's not a scripted function in your script so the Script doesn't know what to do with just that word. That term has no meaning.
Hopefully it'll be much better then Half Life 1 and 2...
Good job. I like the idea and the work.
It's way to big but It's alright. I'll give it a 7.5/10 rating.
More Pics would be nice.. I like the bays but I don't like the fire building to the right of the picture.