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For the first time I've also started to play around with Object creation and am having the same issues. I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with the Object Rotation. In my case the Z-Variable. Wo...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patrikas There isn't savedpositions.txt...... if you mean how to save them to create pickups... then use /save and refer to savedpositions.txt as mentioned a...
Edited. Should of explained it better...
Post the code, without this we won't be of much help!
I only had a very quick look at it, but a possibility could be under your /login command; you are overloading a string. pawn Код: strmid(tmppass, tmp, 0, strlen(cmdtext), 255); // You have declar...
Search. This is a VERY simple question. Your answer is located under the OnPlayerDeath() callback in the public version of sftdm (that comes with your server package)
If we're on the same page here. The reason why you can't change the value of what is defined is because when you define something globally it is stored in the memory when the script is initialized. Ch...
You must use the strcmp (String Compare) function. Reason: A string is an array that contains characters. Eg. if your string said "Yes" it is stored like this... reason[0] = "Y", reason[1] = "e", re...
Код: enum PlayerInfo { Registered, Password, Loggined, Level, Banned, Muted } new PlayerData[MAX_PLAYERS][PlayerInfo]; Remove the semicolon from the enumeration.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magor Why do you use format here? pawn Code: new iString[128];format(iString, sizeof(iString), "*** Server Monitored by FcukIt v3.0 Ultimate! [by [DRuG]Scarf...
Quote: Originally Posted by [DSK Zh3r0 ] Freakin awesome protector for ma server. thanks . No Problem. Let me know how how it is! Which server are you running it on? Regards, Scarface
/* ======================= FcukIt v3.2 AntiCheat Coded by Scarface ======================= */ FcukIt v3.2 DOWNLOAD For Questions / Suggestions PM Me I have thoroughly tested this script aga...
mmmmm, odd. I may have just left it in for some reason. I will fix it within the next day or so. Sorry about that.
I have only recently got back from my "Holiday" so I will release a new ClanBattle which includes an Automatic Clan Tag Detection System. Unsure on the release date, all your input will be considered.
are you using the AutoClan Function? As that version of my GetClan is broken.
Add me on msn or talk to me in IRC. I dont see where you should be having problems. I have had several people test it and gave it the all ok. Including myself, several times.
lol what are you talking about? There saved in an array of strings to a file that is named to your nickname. When you connect it will check if your filename (stats-<EncodedNickName>). It saves t...
Set the vote percentage low then. Setting people like that as you say "level-headed individuals" you might as well set them as administrators (just possibly only with kick priveleges). The point of Vo...
Update v1.1 - PlayerName Saving Issues - KillCounter - Minor Performance Improvements - Illiminated GameMode/FilterScript User Database conflictions (Fully compatable with other scripts that use DUDB...
Cheers @ BetaMaster I realise the system would have problems with playernames, and as a tempporary solution i was planning to use Draco's encode feature. However i just wanted to get the first versi...