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Quote: Originally Posted by SayTricky epic games trying to compete with steam lol --- i literally bought the game one day before it was released for free. seriously, fml. https://imgur.c...
Quote: Originally Posted by TakeiT I still don’t understand why you didn’t just release it as 0.3.8 and those who don’t wish to use downloads simply disable it, and if you don’t wa...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE Yes you do. You need to watch everything from the beginning. It's not one of those regular shows you see where people start watching and pick every...
Hey people! So, the hype about game of thrones all over the internet is real. I got pretty intrigued by some of it, I watched the trailer of season 7 and I got pretty interested too. Now, I don't kn...
Go to the server directory where you uploaded the SMF software. Search for a folder called themes/theme_name/images/custom and there you'll see logo.png and similar things. Replace them with modified ...
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Quote: Originally Posted by SjuteL Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. ft. Snoop Dogg Thanks a ton! +2 rep.
Can anyone possibly tell me the name of the song he's playing. https://*********/b6cDhxzZYOA
Quote: Originally Posted by Dice_ it looks terrible,i hate it 4char
Get a paid domain first. Edit: the design layout is straight up prostate cancer.
Judging from your post, I believe you have no idea how it is done so the best suggestion would be to hire a PHP Coder, who knows what he's doing.
What's the advantage of doing that anyways?
let's put this simple, the answer is no..
Hey! You were a nice guy, and I believe the community would miss you around. Good luck with your life. Cheers.
Warnings Overload Firstly, I'm getting these warnings on the following line. Код: warning 219: local variable "G" shadows a variable at a preceding level warning 219: local variable "A" shadows ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos https://developers.******.com/youtub...cs/search/list You need an API key to authorize any request though. Read the documentation to see what you'...
Quote: Originally Posted by ball That uses a URL to play the video, what I am trying is to make a one that could play a song by...