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*When all of existing command processor just not enough*
If hard reset and antivirus won't work, you need to root your phone then uninstall all that junk app, my friend's phone got installed junk app from the itself factory lol.
1. How to become good owner (Seriously, that's hard to make decision for your server). 2. Earning money never that easy. 3. After 2 years using pawn as scripting language, finally i can code in C/C++,...
#edit ****** about unserialize, i don't know much about it but i found it nearly similar. example:
Have you defined the "native PrintFunc();" in your include or pwn file? Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos I have a problem with making a function work when is used in PAWN script. ...
I needed amx_NumPublics too, but now the problem solved, thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by codectile Click_Here Try sampgdk::GetNatives(linked above)
Quote: Originally Posted by Skritwo Try remove: Code: sampgdk::logprintf("Wee"); The problem is when i use something like amx_NumNatives, amx_FindPublics amx_register it crashses,I ...
Beacuse this plugin is perfect . Quote: Originally Posted by nGen.SoNNy And still no update for 0.3.7
Could you tell me to how find opcodes or bytes in ida? (Something that inside first FindPattern parameter, ex: i want the opcodes and bytes for OnPlayerCommandText).
Kurta999, could you tell me short definition of what FindPattern does in YSF or another memory hacking plugin?, I just know what if "\x00" then the mask is "?", else "x". I've tried ****** it but i do...
Nah, the remove one i want to remove the gmx. Quote: Originally Posted by kurta999 Find for SetPlayerHealth, SetPlayerAnimation.. It will be here. It's the main pointer in samp. Go back t...
What is the meaning of -l in compiler flag, i'm curious. The definition is: create list file (Preprocess Only) but i don't know what is the meaning of it.
is with memory hacking possible to add rcon command or remove rcon command?
Edit: Yea, the crane isn't exist in map construction
short_open_tag=On in php.ini Quote: Originally Posted by dr0ps How can i solve this problem ?
Is it secure to communate between sqlite database from sa-mp server to webserver. I want to create UCP that support sqlite.
i've used it, and to ignore all errors i removed YSI dep from the .php file.