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I'll be your hero! This is how the correct way would be in any scripting language. PHP код: // define a macro telling us a 'English' version of a message that's visible to ...
im just gonna go made a memory located variable with 899999999999999999999999 null cells, my cpu won't die at all. srsly, what even is this questions, it doesnt even have to do anything with...
Quote: Originally Posted by enzulikeS removed the query update but the same problem if i restart server, i can do the achiv at infinity, but in the database the value is 1, which means it...
Quote: Originally Posted by rfr yeah there's no full on tutorials on how to learn it. excuse me? what do u call this then?
There's no question in this post.
im still a smartass though.
You do realize you've got like 5 IF statements? ...
Roleplay is the only gamemode which isn't filled with non-sense stretched ugly text-draws... who am I kidding??
Quote: Originally Posted by m1kas Do you mind giving an example? I don't see another way besides looping 16 times instead of the one, if you could help me that would be very appreciated an...
This question has very little to none explanation, and those who's said it's impossible slash very hard to, please provide some logic to that? What you're asking to do is create a message response whe...
If your local database is saving a value, why would we need the UPDATE query? ..
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamsLT No idea, just some guesses for you to test out. Replace Color_Yellow directly with a code like 0xFFFF00AA Try creating the 3d text label without the st...
I hardly see any real question here that'd fit into 'Scripting Help', this isn't 'Do-it-for-me-section'.
Your code is literaly making me cry. Learn how to format your code for better compability, stability and mobility. Start off with removing all of those variables and only use a single one, consider ma...
142 Quote: Provide Code - People are not psychic, if there's an issue in your code they need to see that code. If you are worried about people ste...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kasis What are you talking about? Those fences are originally there. If you use Millers code, them fences will be removed. hi im miller.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi That's not how this works... If the gamemode is bugged, then it's the gamemodes issue. If the compiler is giving you errors because you've not updated...
Apparently, you've got no common sense within scripting, let me rephrase this: Post your OnPlayerDisconnect callback. holy fuck this is retarded
You've only provided with a text of your INI configuration file, we need the actual PAWN code of the writing to see the issue. This is an internal issue, not external.