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I'm sure it's to do with how good your PC is and your internet connection. If you got a good PC (good being, few gb of ram, good graphics card etc) and a good internet connection, it won't be that hig...
I don't agree with giving examples of the good and bad advertisement posted. Let people advertise it however they want. If this guide is used, people will start copy and pasting shit from other ads.
Damn, this looks good! Very realistic too. Nice one, mate. Did a good job.
You'll need to convert them first and add it to the script. If you already have, add the maps under: pawn Код: public OnGameModeInit() So for example: pawn Код: public OnGameModeInit()Crea...
What version have you got?
I doubt anyone will host a server for free. You can always buy it.
What do you mean? Host a server for you?
It's a good phone but the thing I'm getting pissed about is all the phone brands making touch screen phones! They all fail. They're just rip off iPhone. And none of them operate properly. There's alwa...
Nice. Ideal for RP servers.
Does this effect what script you're running?
To be honest, I never really understood pawn properly. So, can you give me direct help please? Meaning, in my case, what would I need to do? I know to put this on top of the script: pawn Код: ...
Well, I'm no advanced scripter, I usually do minor edits. But today, I thought I'd give textdraw a go as people say it's really easy and doesn't require any advanced scripting knowledge. So, basical...
pawn Код: SetGameModeText("name of gm");
That's not a 50k car. And stop lying, that's not your car and you weren't part of that accident. It's picture you found somewhere. No one can survive that accident.
I thought I'd just quickly show off. This is what I got last year, and yes It's the convertible not the saloon:
Quote: Originally Posted by [SAP Sidhu ] Hey!.. We're planning on getting a BMW 325i, year 2005 or up. Just had a couple of questions: 1. Does it have the Push-Start button to turn the car...
Just a little suggestion. I think it'll be better if the gamemode scripts board only has Gamemodes. I mean, at the moment, it's mixed with maps etc. It'll be better if maps were separated from gamemo...