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This is awesome! I have joined this Discord.
It all depends on what you are going to be running. Those CPUs should run fine as long as your server scripts aren't that intensive. However personal recommendation is that i would use something els...
I would attempt to reupload the SAMP server files to that machine and retry. Make sure your files are not corrupted via upload.
A VPS with about 1GB of RAM and decently sized disk space should be sufficient.
Yeah this seems to be happening quite frequently as of late from what i can tell. Very unfortunate but blockable.
You have to find a provider for hosted tab. Hope this helps!
Do you have the .dll plugins in the plugins folder? All i see here from your snapshots is Visual C++ Redistributables. Make sure that they are in there, and they should load properly.
Can you provide more information about what is going on? This would allow everyone on the forum to assist you better.
Providing a log will allow people on the forums to assist properly. Can you provide that?
Using at the end of your plugins list will be able to help you figure out what is missing with "File or function not found" Most of the time, a simple recompile with the latest plugi...
This font is okay. But i am way used to the other one! it will grow on me i am sure.
A decently sized VPS server should be good enough. I would recommend purchasing one with about 2-4GB of RAM just incase you would want to run any other application also.
I would personally investigate a little more. See how long the domain name has been registered and check WHOIS detail. See how responsive they are and try to contact the host. You can also always con...
The host needs a certain package installed on their OS. They need the mysql-client package or you could use the static version of the MySQL plugin. I always recommend contacting your host if your ha...
Make sure that the address you have for the audio isn't already in use by the server. I would also contact your host for proper assistance also.
If you own the server your on, try this in the SSH console: apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
Unfortunately if you wanna get your server noticed nowadays you need to advertise. Hosted tab is a good option, but you could try other means to get players if you do not want to purchase the hosted t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kranger I have used the .so file of the plugin and I've done everything for it to work, but for some reason it doesn't Can you give us your server log? This ...
I would get host that specializes in UDP DDOS protection. Most services nowadays offer this. Also contacting your host to see what they can offer helps as well.
Some providers are now offering off site listings. I would contact one of them. (this usually goes a bit higher in price) Good luck on your search!