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Thanks for your help, I've fixed it already .. Windows Firewall needs to be disabled ..
Hello, I've bought windows vps 15 minutes a go but I can't see it online and as far as All the vps are port-forwarded, so It should work fine for the other players Small note: the script is running ...
Quote: Originally Posted by RedFusion The money hood is not showing the money because you don't have the money Did you check the stats?
Hello there, I've got a proplem.. The money hud is not showing the money I have.. Check my stats.. i got 10k. but i got 0 in my hud and when i use textdraw it works good but with paynspray/sprunk mac...
Okay i've a proplem with commands.. When i type it it doesnt show anything.. Such as: pawn Код: CMD:mole(playerid, params[]){    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 3)    {        SendC...
pawn Код: define this#define MAX_ADMIN_VEHICLES 1CMD:adcar(playerid, params[]){    new id, Float:pos[4],;    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] <= 1) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_G...
Try this pawn Код: timer WarZoneTimer[1000](zoneid); and remove the pawn Код: {return 1;}
pawn Код: CMD:warn(playerid, params[]){    new targetid;    new string[200];    new reason[60];    if(gPlayerInfo[playerid][pAdminLevel] < gCommands[WARN])return SCM(playerid, COLOR_RED...
But it doesnt send errors when i use the localhost..
I did, but it stills..
Hello, I'm recieving this message.. * Streamer_SetFloatData: Invalid ID specified I get that error in the server console, then the server crashes and stops... help.
Very nice! Keep the good work up!