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Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos Read the Warning box, that's the reason of the crash. You can compile with debug info, start the server and ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfe Show the dialog, and OnDialogResponse lines? BusinessBuy is very long. I copied the the portion which I alerted. 1. Added Item "Rag" http://pastebin.c...
I have been working on SC-RP script. Added few items in /buy menu. Every time I /buy in any store, the server gets crashed. And when I re launch it and check my inventory I find the item which I bough...
Can anyone tell me the ID of the object which is in the picture below. It was used a a bus stop object. I need its ID or name
Quote: Originally Posted by fiki574_CRO Yes, I will add "In Vehicle" option later on! It will be very usefull once you added in vehicle. Good Work keep it up man
we can only create NPC on foot? on vehicle?
1,040 <<< There are list of modems and how to port forward with it
Can anyone help me creating a website and UCP?
there are many errors in pawno. Here you can find why are the errors caused
****** Adsense is great...Is there anyother site?
I will do it...and will PM you
Quote: Originally Posted by Link_ 0.3d ? Ya And Great Job man
I will give it a try...add me on MSN