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Quote: Originally Posted by SickAttack Alienware Yea.. buying a $3000 laptop that's 6kg and hot as shit when a $600 pc out performs it, very nice choice
Quote: Originally Posted by [Twixx] ''rank 5'' clearly you have no knowledge of CS. Maybe he means "Rank S" :O Looks like a silver to me
Crash or CrAsHeR, we ran a great clan together
I find more interest in people who I'm playing with than the game itself
Quote: Originally Posted by oSAINTo You see, as a high roller, I'd assume you'd be more lenient to people like myself and OP. Instead, you're a smartass who finds the need to correct ever...
Doing Q&As weekly without having at least 1000 subs won't work if you want to become a successful *******r
18 In case if you want to play gta v I have it on social club not steam
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMallard niCe, the creator of Singleplayer Features. Agree, until this day I still wonder how he managed to do it
Speaking of making money online, did you know csgo gambling sites made millions of dollars each year for nothing? They approximately make over $10000 a day
Vince helped me out sometimes
I personally prefer adding the vip status myself, it's not like you're gonna get +10 donors each day, I'd recommend you to have different types of donating like paypal, bitcoin, bank transfer, paysafe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crayder When your making thousands each month on it, hell yeah it's a smart move. Except the fact that in a few (whether it's 2 or 20) years when SA-MP really ...
Quote: Originally Posted by trablon So..Your job is dick cutter? That's all you got from that paragraph?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Tony Well, my question where are the hot and beautiful ones...i live in a house were only me and my brother and my father all living in...and i play most of ...
$25 for a name change lmao Quote: Originally Posted by Battlezone Totally non-sense. First it's not your money, it's the player money and the player has a mind to think with and choose th...
Well, It surely shows the us is a shitty place to live... Pokemon Go was out for less than a month, people finally get out of their houses.... Wanna know what happened? A kidnapping scene was caught o...