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It's "just" a 2d engine. No emulation of the actual game or something. But still really amazing.
Adwcleaner + resetting browserplugins usually should help rather good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uberanwar I have no idea about this. I remember that I once used a software called 'iObit Game Booster', the game booster suggests me to download Adobe Air. ...
gamescom* Sorry. Had to be a nitpick here. It bugged my head a lot. Anyways. Nice to hear that. Definately going to try and get a sneakpeak on wednesday.
Lazy work tbh. Also please don't stretch the image that way. Make sure to hold shift when resizing... A very lazy 10minute try made by me so I don't have people telling me that I should try to do be...
Quote: Originally Posted by ev0lution Most people on this forum probably aren't paying for thousand dollar software any time soon. Or a subscription that's way more affordable. As far a...
You are starting? And yet got a license for CS6 still? Sure thing.
Because you cracked it and didn't run it one time. It loads all the stuff for it on the first run when not cracked. I also suggest not to talk about your warez on here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaperstone if there were requirements to read. Can't be too hard to find a thread pinned in every section of th...
Quote: Originally Posted by DRP where you can create meme's and few other things like gif's etc + view other meme's better +rep this dude
It won't happen due to the fact that this mod is created by memory hacking and the memory addresses are probably most of the time different and inaccurate on mac os. Correct me if I'm wrong though. T...
No seriously. What are you trying to say?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Magaсa I doubt you didn't read his request topic. He wanted a simple logo with uknown gaming name. Aw i saw it now ill fixit ASAP. YMMD
If you are really really serious about it and can't find anybody else then hit me up. I might be able to connect you to one of our freelancers that helps us out at our company. But he might be busy a...
I only can refer to the compositingpart here:
Looks worse than before. Also lazy selecton/masks and you clearly can see that you had no idea for compositing it together or you don't have an idea of compositing in the first place. Anyways it's o...
Usually you'd do it yourself because this gives you the best control on how everything fits and is named etc. But if you don't want to I think something like bootstrap might be okay to use. Don't know...