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Hello! I made this topic so you can show off any radio control models you have. I have radio control planes Highly aerobatic plane. Power source: 4400mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Weight: ~2kg B...
Quote: Originally Posted by Craze [ ] Looks good, mate! Nice job. Cheers I added server rules now aswell (which will also include custom ones)
Quote: Originally Posted by Lavamike I tested it now on my iPod touch using Safari, it works well. Only suggestion I could make is make it so when you click on the space to enter the serve...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lavamike Tried it on PC and it worked good. But it would probably be easier to read on mobile :P Nice job Ye it is :P thx
Just made a website that lets you query SA-MP servers on your mobile: Comments please :P
I always imagined each ban came with some parameters - reason, automatic or not, server which banned it, etc. Then when your server uses the blacklist, it can choose which servers bans it uses, and w...
What you want to do, is buy a tv from currys, let it brake, complain to currys until they give u Ј800 worth of vouchers, then get an Ј799.99 computer! thats what I did anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaisersouse Quote: Originally Posted by KeyWay I wonder is there a way to make via Phone donation? With that you get alot donations, cause you can a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Correlli Quote: Originally Posted by Boylett ( This can generate a map from pawn code, or you could use medit Eh, no. He's not ...
get medit and go to there on the map and look at it's object id
Get something which bans him when he spams
This can generate a map from pawn code, or you could use medit
Go to where you want in debug or in a server, and type /save [comment] where [comment] can be anything to help you identify the coordinates. then in savedpositions.txt in your gtasa folder will have ...
Quote: Originally Posted by [Xs Ťōηato ] I'm just doing exams to see which I set I go in for my GCSE's. I have to do one in every single subject that exists even catering... fun fun. I'...
I'm in the middle of them post the exams you have to take :P Mine: Physics Chemistry Biology Maths
You could just add additional parameters: size1 = sizeof a1, size2 = sizeof a2
Quote: Originally Posted by Vercetti_ Boylett were the fuck do u learn these stuff ? Haha, the internet ofc