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hey hows it going i am having trouble getting my dynamic duty menus to save everytime i restart server they dissapear and they are not saving in my scriptfiles/dutymenus Код: LoadDutyMenus() { ...
hey i just moved all my files to a windows vps.. it was on a windows vps before so now no plugins work except sscanf i have as plugins : mysql streamer Whirlpool sscanf then i updated them all n...
I tryed to upload to paste bin it does not upload to big
Here you go Quote: sscanf(szFileStr, "p<|>is[42]s[65]s[24]iiifffiiis[20]s[20]s[20]s[20]s[20]s[20]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", FamilyInfo[iIndex][FamilyTaken], FamilyInfo[iIndex][...
add me on skype and ill send u the codes i think it be alot for on here :S Thakns mario_gotti Please leave skype name here my skype sometimes glitches so ill add you to
I start server and this comes up Quote: [27/09/2012 14:29:29] sscanf warning: Format specifier does not match parameter count. [27/09/2012 14:29:29] sscanf warning: Format specifier does ...
Hey hows it goin im looking for a GTA San andreas banner for my server id like it to be like 5 different pics in one that are together like LSPD , Gangsters, Civilians , FBI , Noose , Mafia men , [Wit...
hello im trying to make 2 diffrent commands can ya help me out Strcmp So i want one that anyone can type /falling and it freezes them and will do /report falling right away so an admin can fix them...
yes others work fine i think it has something to do with the plugins unloading?
keeps unloading my plugins?? Quote: ---------- Loaded log file: "server_log.txt". ---------- SA-MP Dedicated Server ---------------------- v0.3e-R2, (C)2005-2012 SA-MP Team [20:46:32] ...
hello so i tryed everything i try just copying new stuff to it or brings it to it and i use pawno it all compile fine then i update plugins as far as i can find themm Sscaf Streamer Audio And i st...
how do i do it? i watched one tutorial did it all accepted but the server just does not connect..
uhm just like when players are walking around it the chat log says Tip Bot: Team Speak IP : 13221321321