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Hello Guys, I need some help, since i am really frustrated with this Speedometer. Quote: public UpdateSpeed() { new Float,Float:y,Float:z; new Float:distance,value,string[256]; new Fl...
Thanks Mate! It Works now! But i want it for 3 Teams, so i used this Variable: Код: if(gTeam[playerid] == TEAM_COPS || TEAM_FBI || TEAM_CSI) If i use it with this, it wont work, and i dont know w...
Hello Folks, after long time of inactivity i have a Problem, which is driving me Nuts. I wrote a Command to Open and Close the Police Gates in SF/LV/LS in one Rush but for some odd Reason, it wont wo...
Why dont you just show us your Script to Turn the Chat off, so we have kind of an idea what we may need to do, to help you out
Код: //At The Top of your Script #define COLOR_WHITE 0xFFFFFFAA //Under OnPlayerCommandText if (strcmp(cmdtext, "/hey", true)==0) { SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_WHITE,"Hi to Everybody"...
How about this? Put this Above main(); Код: forward PointScoreUpdate(playerid); Put this Somewere on in the Code: Код: public PointScoreUpdate(playerid) { new Score = GetPlayerScore(playerid)...
Man ... you could use the Jail Function from the Godfather, and just rewrite the code... No Offensive
If You Want to Respawn your Vehicle Use this : Код: #define RESPAWN_TIME 10000 // 10 Seconds new randcolor = -1; // -1 of Random Car Color new Car = CreateVehicle(CarId,Carx,Cary,Carz,Carangel,r...
how about you post your code ... we may be able to help you then =)
Код: public OnPlayerConnect(playerid) { new playrname[MAX_PLAYER_NAME]; new connect[128]; GetPlayerName(playerid, playrname, sizeof(playrname)); format(connect, sizeof(connect), "%s.cer", playrnam...
Hi Fellas, well firstoff Nice Skin update ^^ havent been here for a while Anyways, i tried to compile my Script, when these Strange Errors Apear after Compiling :S Код: [...]\pawno\include\core....
Sandra i have a Question If i want to use the Function SaveProperty(propertyID,const...); am i right that it will NOT save the Property for a Player on his Disconnect? And i have a Suggestion How a...
Well the Title says everything ^^ i have my Scirpt uploaded normaly on my Linux Server like always but since i added the feature that the Script has to load the Car Spawns and the Property Spawns fr...
please upload your script at ^^ we might can help you better then
maybe i should have been adding that it also works with SA-DM MG LG etc... it works with Any Script witch is Based on Properties with that System cheers [GM]The_Don
why dont you use Код: PlayerToPoint
maybe some1 could make a Video TUT about that ^^ but please dont upload it at ******* >_> i think many ppl (including me) will be helped out with that ^^ cheers ^^
the 166Properties+24Moneyarea+RPG was written by Tomasu and Toby and not by you! That means you have stolen them ... i will inform them right now and then you tell me that i should not steal them ffs!