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Congratulations for being another copy-cat. Please, let me know when your brain will have a spark of creating something successful and unique !
My compiling takes around 3 mins... The only "weird" thing is that i have around 3 large arrays. Could that be the reason ? What causes a slow compiling and how to avoid it or improve it's speed ? ...
You... are... kidding... me, right ? ... -_-' *facepalm* Also: Note: How can I say... ALL OF THE CALLBACKS... i think that suffices... you...
All available callbacks added into new.pwn - v0.3d . Forgot to mention: copy this into your "pawno" folder, in new.pwn .
That's the define for Dialog ID... #define DIALOG_CLASSES 1337
Found the problem using "#error", until it complied and showed me the error. The problem was a string format...
Checked, not that. Any way to stop the complier at some point ? Like make it say "Complied until Line 5222.", like using some #stop or such ? I heard something but i'm not sure...
The problem is recent, edited the gamemode (and a bad habit), after a lot of editing i complied. Bam... not responding. I'm using the same include they aren't the problem (sorry for not mentioning th...
What causes this ? But all the causes... I tried to find any unclosed ) and didn't find any and the same for {}, this 2 causes seem ok, anything elsE?
i'll level the whole freaking San Andreas XD . AWESOME
Can't use "switch", i'm stuck between "if" and "else if" .
I kinda' forgot this, but with Pickupid & Dialogid, is it better to do if( pickupid ) else if ( pickupid ) or just if ( pickupid ) then if ( pickupid ) ? What's more efficient, laggyless and so o...
Keeping a player count via a function... -_-'
I tried replacing GetPlayerTeam with a PVar i set each time, team changes. But i got the same effect.
Код: stock xSetPlayerTeam(id, team) { #if TESTING printf("ID:%i, Name:%s, Old Team: %i, New Team: %i", id, idName[id], GetPlayerTeam(id), team); #endif if( team != GetPlayerTeam(id) ) { ...
Use GetXYInFrontOfPlayer function, to get Object's X Y.
What includes/filterscripts are you using ?
1. Express your problem in the title, with few words. 2. Post some code, we aren't telepaths. 3. Don't double-post. 4. Post /enter and /exit (the codes). 5. Use a pastebin, don't post the code in the ...