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Hello men! After two years away from SA-MP I've seen that @Kalcor is in way to make a new branch, so this is a good news. i want to rejoin SA-MP and get dirty with Pawn. So I think a new multi-mode se...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rasyidmf ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 30, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "Senjata", "M4 - "cblue"8000$\nAK47 - "cblue"8000$\nMP5 - "cblue"6000$\nUZI - "cblue"12000$\nCombat S...
Код: SetTimerEx("PlaySound",TIMEINMILISECS,false,"i",playerid); //NOT inside any cmd or callback forward PlaySound(playerid); public PlaySound(playerid) { for(new i = 0; j = GetPlayerPoolSize...
Use strlib ( instead of a dozen of format.
Quote: Originally Posted by N0FeaR Good job, i like it! Quote: Originally Posted by Slawiii very nice for newbies like me Thanks you, men!
MySQL Blank gamemode Hi all. Today I've wrote a MySQL blank gamemode, so, there are only the account system. Maybe, in the future, gamemode will be updated by entering houses and vehicles system. You...
Replace PHP код: if(fexist(user))  With: PHP код: if(fexist(string)) 
If you want min and max: Код: #define randomex(%0,%1) random(%0-%1)+%1
Internet tab = hosted tab for 0.3.7 Then, is bugged.
You need to make an ucp, so you need to use mysql in your gamemode and connect the website to same database of the gm. I suggest to don't copy and paste code from some tutorial. Learn PHP and MySQL an...
Код: // In top of your gamemode new roadblock; // Commands: CMD:roadblock(playerid, params[]) { new Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, Float:A; GetPlayerPos(playerid, X, Y, Z); GetPlayerFacingAngle(p...
You can try playing with packetloss and netstats functions
Quote: Originally Posted by xXRevolverXx No, Level, is definitely used, see in every command, if player info, level = 5 , so .. anyways, it's okay as i dont see much problems to correct, R...
You have a bracket after PlayerInfo[giveplayerid][pHeadValue] and you need to put a \ at the end of the line. This is correct: pawn Код: CMD:profile(playerid, params[]){    if(IsAHitman(playeri...
1. Why loop with MAX_PLAYERS? From 0.3.7 we have GetPlayerPoolSize that get the highest playerid in use on the server. 2. You haven't defined "red" color. 3. PNAME is a blank variable because you have...
- FIXED - Just installed C++ Redistributable 2010 x86
Quote: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed outSELECT `id`, `Username`, `IP`, `SecureIP`, `AdminLevel`, `Helper`, `ReferredBy` FROM `accounts` WHERE `Username` = ''Invalid query: Access...
Hi all. Today i've a big problem. When i start my server, it does not load any plugins. Log: Код: ---------- Loaded log file: "server_log.txt". ---------- SA-MP Dedicated Server -----------------...