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When I killed any player with m4, onplayerdeath is called but this show reason 255 and invalid killerid.
I have same problem, when I kill my friend with m4, reason of onplayerdeath is 255.
Thanks, I eliminated lag.
Hello I have a question, how to optimize code to stop execute so many loops. Код: for(new i = 1; i <= Total_Veh_Created; i++) { if(vInfo[i][vSpawned] != 0 && vInfo[i][vDespawnTime] >...
I want to use stock CheckMultipleNames, but this it does not work because cellmin is always equal with --.
Код: CMD:check(playerid, params[]) { if(gLogged[playerid] == 0) return SendLanguageMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, LoginOnlyEN, LoginOnlyRO); if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 1 && Pla...
well ok idk but how is this gonna work first how can i make it globally to 1, after that how can we make if the player types uchiha and the name is sasuke_uchiha it will work with making MATCH_NAME_PA...
I have the vector 0 5 0 3 9 0 3 3, how to order to 5 3 9 3 3 0 0 0 with loop?
Hello, I have a question, how can a player search system only on certain characters of the name. Ex: My name on server is TestPlayer and i use command only certain characters /command player, but on s...
Hello, i have a question. new Cache:result = mysql_query(handle, "SELECT `username` FROM `players`"); new account = cache_get_row_count(),name[25]; cache_get_field_content(account-1, "username", name,...
BUMP 1 PHP код: Killed [Thu Mar 27 21:24:54 EET 2014] SERVICE CRASH, waiting 10 seconds [Thu Mar 27 21:25:04 EET 2014] SERVICE STARTUP 
Hi, I have a problem with auto restart server,after 24 hours of running server restarts. Use crashdetect and in server_log nothing appears, but I noticed in server console this this message: PHP ко...
** Plugin: streamer, mysql (r34), sscanf.
Hi all, i have a problem with my server, one player enter on my server and server receives "freeze", all players is AFK and in server_log i have spam with this: - Kicking X because they didn't logon t...
ce mod de pe masina de politie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rock18 Lool ba daca vrei sa dai la o persoana sa iti tina serveru nu ai nevoie de nici un program e ca si cum lai tine tu in pc ma si ii spui lui cand vrei sa i...