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Quote: Originally Posted by reemyrobby Definitely not Invision. It is as terrible as vBulletin with its vulnerabilities. Why are we even fighting when we know we're not moving from VB? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor This forum always has the latest security patches. For some reason the version down the bottom of the page doesn't update. Why VBulletin? VB5 sucks, V...
Quote: Originally Posted by wallee i started using sublime about a year ago and now i'm kinda used to it, should i bother to switch to vsc? does it have everything sublime text has? Yes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wreeper ur mom is amazing Dont ruin this thread again.
Congratulations ****** and welcome back to the beta team, SAMP will be great again.
Its not about open sourcing but let some trusted people like Y_Less be in the team to improve it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I've been on the internet since mid-90's. I came out of the UFO/conspiracy crowd. Sites like abovetopsecret are older than Goggle. We're not big fans of ...
Quote: Originally Posted by xo Hello Kalcor can you quote so i take a screenshot of it and make it a signature so you and i, can finally protect our privacy and protest against (s/he)tube ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I can't stop anyone playing SA-MP or running a SA-MP server. You guys know that already. I can, however, ban people from this forum for advertising. Ev...
If it happens with a specific server, then there is already someone in the server with the nickname you are trying to enter to the server.
You can still post screenshots/Videos in other related sections.
When is paste(copy)bin getting blocked on samp forum?
We don't do that here too. OT: If you would ask from every individual, final output will make you add all of the skins.
escape the string! Use '%e' instead of '%s'
That's the unique thing about