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Код: new Items = 0; for(new i = 0; i < 10; i++) { if(!isnull(Statistics[playerid][Item][i])) { Items++; continue; } else { strmid(Stat...
How many tries did it take you to record that video ? :>
Wrong section bud, you need to post this in scripting help. However, you need the audio.ini found in the audio plugin package, PAWNO -> Includes folder.
Neither of them, you cant own a PAWN script. Plus Judas only has AMX access so it doesn't really matter as he won't be able to change anything.
You dont need to use sscanf, params exist for a reason when you use ZCMD.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaisersouse SA-MP 0.4a will be released in the future. There will be features, and it will contain them. Hope this helps! hey we got a confirmation guys
So yes, you can name your server Los Santos RP if you want, you won't get in trouble.
Quote: Originally Posted by KevinExec I am making a gamemode from scratch yet I can script in PAWN very good and I understand how MySQL works, I just don't know where all these queries and...
Make sure that the variable pIsBan is the same variable you write/load when you save/load the player. Код: pInfo[id][pIsBan] = 1; new INI:File = INI_Open(UserPath(id)); INI_SetTag(File,"data"); I...
I recommend switching to a different command processor. However, your're using an incorrect strcmp syntax. Код: if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/oag", true) == 0) is how the command should look.
Change the "gateone" variable in both of these lines (2nd in each CMD) to "gatetwo" to make the 2nd gate move. Код: MoveObject(gateone, 1221.6000000,-1840.7000000,14.2000000, 1); and Код: Mo...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bulgaria (y) this will be my frist time will i make gates open different ways to now i make only to one way i just want to be sure is like to make like one gat...
Open your map editor once again, move both gates to the opening locations you desire & then save the objects and use the coordinates with MoveObject to make them move.
You're just being lazy at this point, download this & open it up in-game, then test & try out different ideas until you get create what yo...
Quote: Originally Posted by iCurse None are working.. I don't think you understand the difference between the command & the function, you need to completely separate both, what you ...
Am glad someone with more experience has taken the task to keep this include maintained/updated, keep it up!
90 6001, it's bugged in SA:MP tho as it keeps repeating every 2 seconds and there is no way to stop it.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuckingcruse I want it for him. If i make it globally then if i get kill it will change other players also. No it won't, you'r assigning a separate ID for ea...
Quote: Originally Posted by fuckingcruse same problem with this Код: new PlayerText3D:killingspreeonhead[MAX_PLAYERS]; killingspreeonhead[playerid] = CreatePlayer3DTextLabel(playerid,...
Quote: Originally Posted by fuckingcruse I am getting a tag mismatch idk why. Код: new Text:dmarenatd; dmarenatd = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid,2.5 ,211 , "blah"); //error line thank...