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Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I'm not deleting it because of them. I thought they were trolls all along. The discussion is meant to be about whether I can go ahead with a 0.3.9 updat...
It's been a while but I believe you can use INSERT IGNORE INTO and then check with mysql_affected_rows which should return 0 if it was not inserted.
The attack doesn't affect the server at all, just the querying mechanism. If you disable connection cookies (conncookies) your server gets filled up with fake players. Disabling cookie logging does no...
Started this morning 4am UTC on my server too, looks like every server on the hosted tab is affected. The attack is still going as of this post. The attacks always come from the same IP ranges so it's...
Trailer Introduction Italy Mafia: Roleplay has seen many different owners and management in the past years. However, since 2010, the community’s current...
Quote: Originally Posted by hoonz another problem is that, if I include y_dialogs pawn compiler crashes, and I cannot find a solution for this... that's pretty hard to figure out, try u...
you need to use y_dialog if you want to use inline functions with dialogs. you cant just use inline with every function.
I've been struggling with all kinds of DDoS attacks these past weeks, including Layer 7, all kinds of SYN/UDP/TCP/DNS attacks. Use OVH dedicated servers (not soyoustart and not kimsufi), enable perm...
Official Server Trailer YouTube YouTube Introduction Since 2010, the community’s current owner has been scripting and managing the community to raise and maintain its formid...
You need to create a string and then use strcat to append to that string in the loop. Here's an example to get you started: pawn Code: new bigString[ 1024 ], tmpString[ 128 ], weaponName[ 32 ];for(n...
What exactly don't you know? Use ~n~ for linebreaks in textdraws. Show what you've tried so far.
iiiiiiiiifffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii = 44 entries whereas your list of key value pairs only has 42 entries
Your variable is called Cashs but in sscanf you wrote Cash
You need to use backticks for the column names, not singlequotes. pawn Код: (`IP`, `Name`, `Password` , `Admin`, ......
Have you even bothered to look through that mysql log? It clearly shows that there's no "update" at all in that log. Are you even reading your own code or are you just blatantly copy pasting everythin...
If you kill yourself then killerid is INVALID_PLAYER_ID (65535) and thus out of PlayerInfo bounds. The rest of your code will not execute because of that. Before you modify PlayerInfo[killerid], make...
You forgot to strcat the last part of your query..
Let me just warn you here before you order, at SYS you really get what you pay for - that's what I have been experiencing with them: Support tickets are usually ignored. I have a support ticket that's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jake187 you still wouldn't get to our level.