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Seems incomplete and also.... "I know many will start copying the system and exhibiting it everywhere and exhibiting their copyrights, but please rate our work and expose our names if you will embed ...
Another 5-Star release from you how could we expect any less?
@Nexius I like that you used global objects for temp objects.
1.) Code: #define MAX_DYNAMIC_CARS 500 // If this isn't already in your script, add it There are 2000 vehicles max this should be MAX_VEHICLES. 2.) Code: enum VehicleSirenInfo { EmergencyCopSiren...
Quote: Originally Posted by KevTheJoker Oh, the two of you are still here making love? Jeez, find a room. You know we always get love from the homies.
Yup, whats the big deal anyways? Learn to love what people don't like!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity Imagine writing a release and moaning when someone criticizes your post How will you ever improve? Jesus lmfao this community, yall need to get a thic...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hazon As we are talking about a something is "too basic to be a release", let's go back in 2013 and your "basic" releases. At least I did stuff that was rare...
Quote: Originally Posted by KevTheJoker If it's lousy, why did you reply to it? Kudos to you. I said I can take criticism but being an asshole isn't a good way to positively criticize som...
This isn't a release! It's a lousy tutorial and a basic filterscript that anyone could write in a short period of time. 1-Star from me.
Okay man that is cool. Just wanted to make sure it didn't look that way
I am a bit skeptical here that this is even this guys video. It feels like he just re-posted this from something he found not saying that is how it is but a lot of the time that kind of thing happens ...
Very easy to catch someone just watch them for a while if they are magically chasing down what they can't see everytime then you know.
A lot of people still play original Doom as well. So it doesn't come as surprise these are my two favorite games. Just waiting for the next big release as there is plenty of features that would make a...
Nice an alternative to using y_inline/y_dialog! I would guess it shouldn't be a problem to nest multiple dialogs within the same function?
Why not let the player decide which key they want? Allow the config to accept multiple possibilities.
I see what you mean, but you should be able to determine the scroll order and you can determine if they scrolled up or down from that.
Quote: Originally Posted by justinnater I am planning on doing this, although I couldn't think of a proper way to detect scrolling weapons other than using OnPlayerUpdate, which, I rather ...
Why not make it so it works when you switch weapons instead of pressing a key ?
Quote: Originally Posted by raydx Just increase 999 to higher value. You need at least 1032. It's not even ysi related. That is not how you fix this type of error.