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Excellent, that's sorted it all out. Thanks again. Hopefully you don't mind me posting these pictures, they show how much we're benefited from yours and Kye's updates: Before: After: Big thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Incognito It's an array, so the number needs to be enclosed in braces. Example: pawn Код: #define VIRTUAL_WORLD_WAIT { 1 } That worked, my fault entirel...
Quote: Originally Posted by Twixter Thanks a lot for 0.3x version +1 Some of our maps looks magnificent with the extended stream and view distance, awesome. I had one problem though,...
Played single player a lot, decided to start modding it. Then I saw there were mulitplayer mods, SA-MP appealed to me the most. God, that was probably 6 years ago (Don't quote me on that).
One is created when server is loaded (new), the other is created when player requires it. However, PVar's are slightly slower.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ades Which program you used to make the creation of this application? Eclipse (Java), with the Android SDK package. A good way to use your mobile to control...
This sometimes happens if you timeout (possibly when server crashes too). It's very rare. What happens if you join a server, with a name already in the server? Does the same error appear? If so, m...
I 'think' you need to hide and show the textdraw again, for the colour to updated.
Hardly a bug, I suppose objects selectable are those with collision files.
Apart from the triple post, nice upload. Obviously, it could of been presented better (thus making more people download). The quality of the mapping is excellent, good mapping skills. Welldone.
If I get the "Removed Player due to error" message, after respawning, I don't see him. He does see me though. Recreate: Spawn an NRG, get on as Driver. Ask a player to get on as Passenger. /kill (Dr...
The text for objects looks amazing! Hopefully it can be used for custom billboards, custom notices.
Quote: Originally Posted by Y-Less The issue is that if you teleport too far from where you currently are, the objects there are not yet loaded. So it works by getting the Z relative to ...
Confirmed (Yesterday actually, before seeing this post today). My anticheat removed a Jetpack, the sound remained. After being killed the sound had gone. You could try playing a sound after resetti...
Should it crash the server? Why not, it's an invalid way of using the hide function. Showing invalid textdraws usually uses textdraw id 0, if a server relies heavily on textdraws, this causes many v...
This bug/problem has been about since 0.1. It's very annoying for our server. If you're a passenger and the vehicle is going fast, it's very hard to exit the vehicle. You can press ENTER/EXIT many ...
I'm always seem to reply to these reports lol Avoid using GetPlayerWeapon while the player isn't spawned (connecting, died, selecting skin).
Damn, just a shame when this is probably caused (as MP2 said) by the vehicle data bug fix. Awww.
Use box, box colour black, then try it.
Nice visuals, worked fine on our server while I tried it out. Nice release, good work.