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A better question is, do those variables are changing in same time? Or do they mean same thing? Because you can just update the variable only when it changes. I doubt a player admin level or player l...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheToretto who told you xampp is bad? Is not bad but have alot of security holes that you need to fix to use it on production server(settings) as xampp is me...
Yeah that works but its working for the nesting? Like in this PHP код: if (strcmp(text, "news", true, 4))        {            if(strcmp(text,"1",true, 1) == 0)   ...
I know the code might be a bit long and not quite make sense but is from a kind of old gamemode and i try to understand it so i know what exactly happen (OnPlayerText) Pastebin(so its not to long post...
Forgot to tell you something about your command actually: PHP код: YCMD:makeadminslot(playerid, params[], help)  {     new id,level,slot,query[512],DB:base;     if(PlayerInfo[player...
You sure? The timestamps are same. Or did you just put same log 2 times?
Quote: Originally Posted by SymonClash What you mean with "i cant get it to work"? Also you should escape strings, use %e instead of %s. Thats SQLite not MySQL. %e not working with for...
1. Depends on the need. InnoDB is good for almost everything(especially for tables where there alot of writing/reading). But MyISAM i would say is perfect for only reading scenario(huge amount of read...
You realize you cant type more than 128 characters in chat right?
Update data when changes. User recived/lost money? Let the database know about it
Yes. Its 0.8.0 (or atleast beta 10) You need the net core runtime: as far i see
Can you show the server.cfg/serverlog? This is what i made(not the best or good thing): But should give a somekind of example
Dont get me wrong but this forum is all about pawn and sa-mp.
Because there no pawn code formater. There was a plan for it idk if still work in progress or what Just format your code manually
No. This how arrays work. But you can introduce dummy info in the index 0 and use it from 1
PHP код:  SELECT Username FROM users WHERE ID = id 
All i can think of is the database is not open, the GARAGEDB. If the command running good then the query is not getting executed and i dont see any issue with the query itself
PHP код: COMMAND:creategarage(cmdid, playerid, params[]) {     if(!playerData[playerid][playerLoggedIn])         return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "Yo uare not log in....