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Quote: Originally Posted by ****** 15 = 1 * 10 + 5 I find humour with knowledge here.
I'm new in npc working and stuff... I do note all your observations and improve it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hazon I've never seen in the any community zombie actually 'run' just walk and they can't even reach the players who run. What about this (ez) ? I don't full...
Zombie [FCNPC][A.I] About: Zombie Bot script inspired from ZNPC & iZombies and some more scripts. Features:Custom damage to zombies from players (configurable). Custom damage from zombies to pla...
Position - Save, Load & Delete [Y_INI][ZCMD] About: It is a simpler version of /savepos and /loadpos Commands: /mypos <save/load/delete> Download: position.pwn: Pastebin | RAW | Github...
I left samp but come back to code during my exam days.
Advance Gaming did some sort of this thing.. Here's my theory which I tried last year: Make servers load player data from same database using MYSQL.. You can create separate column like; server1cash,...
PHP код: CMD:givecash(playerid, params[]) {     new targetid, amount, name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], tname[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], string[128], string1[128];     GetPlayerName(playerid, name,...
PHP код: public OnPlayerDisconnect(playerid, reason) {     new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], tname[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], targetid, money = GetPlayerMoney(playerid);     GetPlayerName(play...
Go mobile or this will die. Many developers see and many don't but there will be heavy drop of playerbase in samp in next 5 years as people are going mobile and use pc mostly for next gen games not th...
Wallet + Robbery [Y_INI] [ZCMD] [BETA v0.2] About: This is a concept script means I made this purely based on my concept, I tried to keep it simple and unique, you have any improvement you can let me...
If we get Mobile version then samp will boom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eatmysmoke Why? In case it'll called again? I guess you can use it again when needed.
InfoText TextDraw About: It's a simple include which is modified version of "[INC] TextDraw, Information Box." by Shadow(made in 2010). Usage:Can put messages of Syntax, News, Information, Event Info...
Time to play Linkin Park's sad pop song.