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I don't post anymore but cant help and stalk my childhood here and there lol
Hey there, Someone has already asked this before: You will need to script the gang zones, you can do that using filterscripts like: https://samp...
Hello hackerman, welcome to SAMP forums. First of all before you start, I would suggest you get some basic knowledge of the PAWN language and maybe run a server on your pc and see how you go with tha...
Hosted tab is around $15-$20 per month Server with 100 player slots will be around $5 - $10 a year Website with a .com domain will be around $10 a year So around $25 - $30 a month for everything. Ed...
Quote: Originally Posted by K0P Its not a learning server,they dont even allow RP newbies to their server. Read their rules and learn RP from their website, RP is really easy and simple...
This is something I would like to see in more roleplay servers, good work!
Selling colorhost account, Don't want it no more, it works great has around 20 days left and the host is on hosted and with one hundred slots selling it for around 19 USD, forum pm me for more info.
FORUM AND SERVER ADDRESS: HostName: >>>> Call of Duty ~ Battlefield <<<<[XG] Address: Website: About: The server/community was started 3-4 da...
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Great job, nice thinking this can be extremely useful for heaps of servers!. +3.