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Hello, I have been away from SA-MP for a long time, nowdays am playing only ETS2, CS:GO, Dirt 3, Farming Simulator and few other games... I was wondering if SA-MP is still active and is it growing? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by PiIIoW What do u mean Mauzen It's random CNR Gamemode name generator.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kitten Admin CP > Configuration > Current Theme ^^^^^^ There just provide links.
If nothing is bugged and you got permissions, than i must say... Good Job! EDIT: By the way, i caught 3 virus at that Windows Package for 0.3z, i removed them, but anyways, i have always had the qu...
If you enter a vehicle and change the skin beetween out of vehicle and entering vehicle, you will be frozen
Always choose Europe locations. France/Netherlands or United Kingdom
Thanks you, more feedback would be appreciated.
1. Search Forums (I have seen many threads about cops and robbers unique ideas) - If you are good at scripting, and if you can script great NPC robbing systems, that would be the first one and etc.
Introduction Hello, some while ago i created this carpark for my Cops And Robbers server, but today i thought of releasing it. This map uses SetObjectMaterial function for ground, what looks much bet...
Quote: Originally Posted by Private200 Problem has been solved after installing another version. Looks like the one I had was outdated. No, Private200! @Supa helped me too and we downlo...
You mean you can't move objects with mouse ? If so, than i got same problem for last month, everything was fine before but than suddenly mouse doesnt work, i use arrows, but they arent very good at ch...
Hello, SA-MP members! This problem i have for like a month and thought it gonna fix itself, but it doesnt :P So, i am asking a help. All time before when i used Map Construction i was able to move ob...
Stolen ? I am sure i have seen same INTERIOR in same LOCATION (Near DAM) with a same style water pool, but now i can't remember what was ORGINAL MAP name. But i have seen this 1/2 years ago.
1. You must download plugins - libmySQL and streamer and add to "plugins" folder. 2. You must add those plugins at "plugins" section under announce in your server.cfg Example: Код: plugins stre...
Quote: Originally Posted by JonathanW Well,I saw this Map In a Server named 'Redwood Roleplay' long ago,...if you're the Actual mapper,then thumbs up dude! This prison map uses Project:...
Well, my life would be changed. As i don't play any other of games, i wouldnt know what to do.