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Quote: Originally Posted by [uL]Pottus It's actually pretty easy to fix this at least for joypads only This should be fixed by SA:MP as default. It's pretty weird why the scripters have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mellnik OMG again. Why does EVERYTIME they test a new version someone posts it here?! Maybe it would help to add an "-test" to the (new) Version
The Dialog was only created, for testing. Setting the SpecialAction with a command is also not working. The code of the dialog ist correct, since inputtext holds the text of the listitem. It's how I...
This is a reaction, of some posts on the (inoffical) german SA:MP forums. It's about, thats SetPlayerSpecial Action is probaly not working correct. SpecialAction 12 (SPECIAL_ACTION_SITTING) SpecialA...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2KY It's actually 128, and I've seen it done, I assume they just split the huge string into parts and send them that way. Chat"size" is 144 characters
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor This had to be done for security reasons. 'Cause of modified packages?
I noticed it in the R1 of 0.3x. But this already happening in 0.3e. Every first connect on a Server will cause that some objects won't be retextured. Restreaming the Object is not working for me. T...
I know, I was just testing arround. As you can see in my code I was trying it, to do this only with blubb2.txt
Thanks, for the answer, but it isn't working for me
I don't know if this is a Bug or only my fault Since 0.3a was released I didn't noticed it. I want to write a special way to communicate between the GM and the NPC Scripts. So I tried making it pos...
I get a strange Error, when i try to start my plugin on Linux. it always says Quote: Failed (plugins/ undefined symbol: sampgdk_TextDrawShowForPlayer) I compiled all .cp...
It's -1 because it's unset. That's why the defines are like this. pawn Код: #define VEHICLE_PARAMS_UNSET    -1#define VEHICLE_PARAMS_OFF      0#define VEHICLE_PARAMS_ON       1
I found a strange desync Problem. A friend of mine, has been teleported to me, by command, when I was entering a Bike(ModelID 521). And got this strange Errormessage and he got desync for me
Quote: Originally Posted by G-Mac_x3 Everytime the version don't get more than 0.Xe or R2? 0.3a had a R8
Quote: Originally Posted by ru.raider I think it's right that function returns the RC7 version, or is it a defect... When you connect to a Server it says RC7 too
Hi, it's great the the first issue was fixxed, but with the fix an new issue came up. The text on a colored Background gets very ugly, I think it's a problem with the rendering. RC 7 an RC 7 - 2 RC ...