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one of the most unique things I have seen in awhile keep up the good work
Quote: Originally Posted by MyUndiesSmell Код: CMD:lock(playerid, params[]) { static id = -1; if (!IsPlayerInAnyVehicle(playerid) && (id = (House_Inside(playerid) == -1) ?...
Quote: Originally Posted by AvicennaRabama So, how we can unbanned our chars from phpmyadmin? I've tried and can't. I've used my rcon login from localhost, then my got banned IP,...
Код: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `characters` ( `ID` int(6) NOT NULL, `A_ID` int(6) NOT NULL, `Name` varchar(34) NOT NULL, `RegisterIP` varchar(16) NOT NULL, `RegisterDate` int(12) NOT NULL, ...
I don't get what I'm doing wrong here Код: 02:36:53] [MYSQL ERROR]: ID: 1146 [02:36:53] [MYSQL ERROR]: Error: Table 'smallcountyrp.phonenumber' doesn't exist [02:36:53] [MYSQL ERROR]: Query: SELECT ...
I'm having a few problems understanding on how to set this up where exactly do I get the information so I can connect it to the database
I would say stop using Wireless and go hard wired it's the best for gaming
I did this when I first started out in Samp your best bet is MySQL it's more efficient and faster saving time I always recommend MySQL it makes it much easier if you want to create web-based applicati...
nice job try using more detail other than that looks like a nice map
nice job on the mapping I can definitely see a lot of uses for this keep up the good work
this map is truly amazing I could definitely see a RP server running on this map keep up the great work you my friend are an artist Rep++
won't find these Scripts here because these scripts are leaked. there are many good scripts. on the forms that you can use and probably learn a lot from. also you could try to learn pawno and make you...
you did a wonderful job with this game mode I have tested it works good hope to see more updates in the future and you are an amazing programmer