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"It's better to ask and look stupid then not ask and be stupid"-3ventic. I know it's probably suppose to be for funny quotes, but this quote was the best I ever saw while playing SA:MP :P.
The ability to modify vehicles in SA:MP is really poor, I wouldn't suggest you restricting the Roleplay possibilities to just racing as it can be done in any RP server, so why stop your players from d...
Grew up with the cartoon, would be actually quite nice to see a movie, heard this one will be at far different quality then the other movies.
Well, applying for a project you haven't got a slightest clue about is hardly something I would do, mind sharing at least some sort of clues what it will be about? If not in the topic then perhaps in ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanady I request (Signature, avatar etc.): Signature Size: 480x120 Colour Scheme: Orange with grey Render/Image: http://www.******.rs/imgres?start=12...:1,s:123...
Quote: Originally Posted by InfinityCOD Fan of Naruto, eh? How much do you know about it? I used to be a huge Anime fan overall, mostly Bleach and Naruto, don't really like it as much n...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jansish I like the avatars, rest are meh. Other then the signature the rest are kind of old :P Just didn't want to post up a half empty topic .
Overall normal RP servers give you a lot of opportunities, why limit it to a beach or something, i mean even in a city RP server you can go to the beach, host beach parties and such and yet people are...
I know you people are probably pretty sick of all of these graphic threads,but let me explain why I'm creating it and perhaps you'll be able to understand me. I've been a photoshop user for quite a lo...
Quote: Originally Posted by Twizted As Universal said, there are GMs like this already. I say you create one server where players can create football teams. Football system is a nice th...
I would actually suggest you go through the hosted tab, select the list to be messured by ammount of players, find the server with the ammount you like and see if you like those servers. That's how i ...
My San Andreas was already v1.0 and well, the problem got solved once i installed MTA, i really don't understand why, but once i installed MTA, SA:MP started working as well, lol. Well thanks to all o...
The version i got installed is the most basic San Andreas i think, i doubt it really needs downgrading, though i suppose i could use it if you think it would help.
The windows i currently have is Windows XP service pack 3.
I'm not exactly sure what's causing this,but i will tell you about it anyway and perhaps one of you will be able to help me. First of what is the problem, i have installed GTA:San andreas and GTA S...
There's a server i would like to try out running on SA:MP version:0.3c RC5, i looked through downloads and i didn't see such thing, so where could i get it?
The man asked, what is RP and not what you prefer to play... I believe iFriski made a great Reply to his question. -Franco