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I agree, 100%. My grammar improved and SA-MP led me into coding.
1,540 Код: FCNPC_GoToPlayerEx I believe this is what you're looking for!
Honestly I was never a fan of him. (Not hating, but never really listened to him). But he was widely known then he must be good at what he does. Anyway, RIP. He died young.
Quote: Originally Posted by v1k1nG Hey! I can feel the power of this plugin, yet not all of us are so geeks to simply understand it all by ourselves. Since you decided to share your work, ...
Southclaw highlights this issue in sampctl.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zeus666 PHP код: new Float:Numbers[][5] = {     {1},     {2},     {3}.     {4} };  PHP код: CMD:startm(playerid, params...
You can make an array with these 4 values and then use ‘random’ function.
If a player is in the middle of air he will be either falling, or skydiving or parachuting. You can make sure to check for specific anim indexes to make sure they aren’t mid air. I’m not too sure ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi I wouldn't give up my day job if I were you... You're not the best advocate for learning anything new with that stupid attitude. So you were automati...
SA-MP is sponsored by DuckDuckGo. Look, didn't got censored!
Good work! Glad you fixed the swapped parameters XD
If my memory serves right. NPC can only be driver. Which means, seat id 0 (driver) not 1 (front passenger.) I might be wrong, though.
Sorry, didn't knew this was SA-MP feature. Anyway, I did a simple ****** search for you. Apparently, because you couldn't, and here's what I found. Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor No...
Check your script for the line which says "kicking %s because they didn't logon the game."? Seems more like a script feature to me.
Uh, Mugala got the first step for you. You need Player Textdraw because each player will have their own unique float value of HP. Secondly, you can either check for the HP under OnPlayerUpdate or make...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eoussama Sublime Text 3 is the programme I didn't know I needed for the longest time now. It's stable, light, has so many shortcuts, extremely user-friendly, to...
Code: TextDrawShowForPlayer Do you use this function under OnPlayerSpawn?
Quote: Originally Posted by RogueDrifter Ever thought these ppl you watched could've used npcs instead? I also don't think actors are supported by custom skins I saw a YT video few week...