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Quote: Originally Posted by polygxn Some of the things you can export from it (/watch?v=zOFcmD_UUQk), and probably put together to one file(?) but I dont think its a clever idea. I hope...
And if there is any way to download it? for 0.3DL
Quote: Originally Posted by SytonicX Good job. I will be editing couple of things on it and once I am done, I will release it again and give credits to you for starting it. Good job again....
I was reading the post of kalcor but I did not understand the truth and I do not know how to begin with modeling. I would like to start with something very small but I do not know where to start if so...
I realized my mistake, I'm an idiot thank you very much to everyone who helped me!
Quote: Originally Posted by [HLF]Southclaw Sublime Text also does this: Edit > Permute Lines > Unique do not leave me
Hello dear people of forum samp today I come to pose an error that I have in the map editor and I do not know how to solve it good is the next I was mapping and and I accidentally gave several times t...
їKalcor, seriously?
How do I install or view the vice city map in the version 0.3.8
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexMSK Open pawn, press CTRL+G go to line where warning is given and fix it. I want to know why I do not get the errors on the screen when I finish compilin...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi That is normal... There is no changing this. Or are you referring to the errors that came up, in which case, copy and paste the damn error, and suppl...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gammix The command is buggy. You have to wait for my next update. And you can edit minimum players in matchmaking.pwn, edit the definition MIN_PLAYERS. che...
Could you do a tutorial on how to add objects?