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Quote: Originally Posted by ChandraLouis That's a good suggestion. But most of players loved to play as Criminals. Perhaps i think ability to make an crime organization in game would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChandraLouis What features/system do you think a CNR server should have? And also, what do you like from Cops and Robbers? CNR servers lacks of team balance ...
Quote: Originally Posted by silvan any newer download link? because its broken i don't think you gonna get a reply very soon since the user last online was 2019
Quote: Originally Posted by Mean just got unbanned more than 5 years later ayy! Nice you've just got out on the prison welcome back
Start from small player slot if it is a success then slowly upgrade it in that way you can save money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gforcez Why? Your eyes can only see 30 fps anyways... /s Sarcasm
Don't use light color text on a light background it's barely unreadable.
Does Mauzen and KingHaul still active? Am i still counted to oldies? 2010-2014 is the golden years of SA-MP, can someone post the statistics of SA-MP through the year i would like to see it.
Why not just put all the gamemode into one gamemode might be better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sony123 This guy gets it. Thanks for the explanation everyone. I get it, you can give away you work for free here but not sell it. But just one last question...
Reading the forum rule won't take a 10 mins or more.
Quote: Originally Posted by GTLS no Good to know. Quote: Originally Posted by Proxus The good ol\' trucking server days, gonna miss them. Actially there some more tru...
So tell me did you put this description into your first script "So guys i was \'bored\' so i make this blahblahblah". And such other things?
i\'ll rewind the time before i did buy the cs go then return to the current time to play free Also bring back to the 2012 where SA-MP was so popular