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The only decent update in many years has been cancelled. Good stuff.
Yeah I really think it's a SAMP bug too, I posted it here so someone could try to find a way around it but now I've posted it to SA:MP bugs too. Thanks for your help anyway you've been actually follow...
Hey! When a script triggers CancelEdit while you're dragging an object the mouse icon will disappear and it will not come back in dialogs, textdraw and object selections. Video of the issue (origina...
The script I made automatically stops the object when its dragged out of the zone, while its being dragged that's why the mouse disappears, I'll show you a video I just made. in the video its kinda re...
No, the mouse will be gone and it will not reappear whatever you do and it's impossible to do anything in that case. Tried object selection, textdraw selection, alt tab, dialog selection, pressing TA...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stanford Create a dynamic area using streamer plugin - use virtualworlds if you want - about the out of boundaries - under onplayereditdynamicobject under updat...
Hey guys! As you all know editing objects became the thing in SA:MP and after a certain update we were able to edit objects in-game with the object editor. Now there are servers where you can build ...
If you ever decide to give him a refund check if it's your PS3 he's giving back. Make sure he's not giving you some crappy old PS3 in return.
Plus if your gamemode has a headshot system don't forget to ignore the headshot if the player is in godmode.
Open your .pwn and search for: pawn Код: new APlayerData[MAX_PLAYERS] It will look something like this: pawn Код: enum aInfo{a,b,c,d,e,f,}new APlayerData[MAX_PLAYERS][aInfo]; You have to a...
It's simple (we kill the batman), you have to open the luxadmin's PWN file, search for "public OnPlayerDeath" without the quotations and delete the line where it announces the player's death again.
Alright, I don't know how but you were right, some of the includes weren't overwritten, I guess I copied PAWN from an earlier folder and didn't overwrite everything. Thanks for the help guys!
Yeah I use the new includes I copied the gamemode files to the new 0.3.7 server folder, targeting objects work! Edit.: Yeah I checked that link out too, that's why I find it weird that it is not work...
It says MAX_ACTORS is undefined, I went ahead and defined it (set it to 1000) and now it says ActorHandsup is not used and GetPlayerCameraTargetActor is still undefined :\
Hey guys! I'm trying to improve my gamemode and GetPlayerCameraTargetActor doesn't seem to work. I enabled Camera Targeting, targeting objects work but when I added targeting an actor too it says: u...
I don't know how many threads you created but: No, actors don't take Player/NPC slots, I think you can have 1000 of them.
Update your MYSQL query string's size. new query[5000]; for example.
These are 3 different commands, he is asking if the first one (/eo) is working O_o
It looks like you load the information after the correct password has been entered so the PlayerInfo[playerid][pPassword] might not be set correctly when the player tries to connect? Try entering the ...
True but I don't think he wants to create one, he was looking for a complete script. But yeah if he could edit it it would make an awesome script!