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Fucking awesome, now I don't have problems with sidewalk, hahaha this is fucking awesome, long live SA-MP!
Well, it's posibble for SA-MP,I saw few videos with this mod, idk how to get it working for SA-MP. Does anybody know?
I want this mod on SA-MP but it crashes: [ame][/ame] How can I get it working on SA-MP?
Quote: Originally Posted by [TM]Hitman Next time you install mods, select ''Import (remove if exists)''. I can't find that, where do I find it in which programme?
I have too much files as this, and I can't delete it so fast, it's boring and not safe since I can make mistake by deleting other file, which I don't want to.
I installed new mods(skins) with IMG Manager and now I have two .dff and .txd files, Screen: How to solve this problem?(I've already Rebuilded Archive and Refreshed it)
I've got error when I try to open .txd files in .img. (desert_eagle.txd): Screen:
Am I able to run sa-mp server on website which supports SSH Access?
Stop cheating :P Joking, It might be a problem with server restarting or losing connection to the server as far as I know. Probably you use sa-mp client 0.3c R1 to connect to sa-mp server R2/R3/R4/R5...
Okay, I am trying to make 0.3c engine system for my server, but it only works for ID 0, I meant it's bugged for players with other IDs. Example: If player ID 1 attempts to start the engine it turns th...