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I would travel back 6 years and warn Janish so he does not get banned. #UNBANJANISH2019
Quote: Originally Posted by castiel12 why when i close the gate, it is not equal to the position when same open the gate? This was posted in 2013, I don't remember how this even looks l...
Alrighty, so me and a friend have played on a RP server and we had to run around a checkpoint for it to appear.(Some checkpoints just randomly disappear) I'm working on a gamemode now and I now notic...
If you are using windows you should get XAMPP or WAMP (I would recommend using MySQL workbench though but it's a much larger download.)
Quote: Originally Posted by ssguy Can anyone teach me how to copy the gamemode and scriptfiles then paste it on my server than how to start it can anyone give me a video of it? Download...
For everyone that wanted to use sprites and models : Download here It was not working for me either so instead of having to right click on new you can just use /new with this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Samp_India OMG, I remember dragging that around on purpose when I was bored
Quote: Originally Posted by WW @Zues : In my country, there's a phone company called "Free". It offers a plan with 2 hours of vocal communication and unlimited SMS for only 2Ђ per month (...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sergei I don't know where you are comming from, but in my country nearly everyone have plans that include a lot of minutes/sms/mb (if not unlimited), so nobody ...
Whatsapp is so going to take over. Nobody SMS/MSS anymore becaus eof whatsapp and now I guess nobody is going to call people with the normal buildin call system. Haha ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by www You can get graphical interface in Linux VPS by instaling gnome it will be just like Windows VPS Most linux VPS don't even come with a graphics card.
You can't put windows and cheap in the same sentence.
What other mods do you have? Try moving them to your desktop and see if it works.Also, gta3.img should not be modded.
What cleo version do you have? And some other mods might also cause it to crash. Try using cleo 4.1.
Simply amazing. +rep for you sir!
Good job, will be using it +raped Edit: Quote: For the Email Address Which will be working and for hosting the mailer.php Btw if you send more than 14 emails in o...