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Try wihout DB_Escape. By the way, is this a dynamic vehicle system? if so I think that you should replace 2 at "WHERE ID = 2" with the appropriate value.
Awesome, great and spectacular SQL tutorials! Thanks mate.
Great job! I hope that you will keep updating it - and it would be cool if someone posts a benchmark with ZCMD, YCMD and iZCMD and maybe other command processors.
Do you get any errors? if so, fix them and then compile.
Amazing and really useful, I appreciate your efforts
I just don't get what you want to do exactly, can you put an example?
The answer is like what's the point of reinventing the wheel? Users care about UI and that's what Microsoft update also - if they want to start over again it will probably be same things it's just lik...
I think I should consider doing another test maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow! Thanks Crayder.
Your mapping impressed me so far.. Good job!
Alright, The map would be a great addition to the current gta police map that comes with the game. A suggestion would be to make that lift goes up (script it) - that would be cool. There's no code if...
A great map & a great mapper. Good job and keep up the good work.. REP BOOST+++
Hey gta191977649!, we really appreciate what you have done, however, can you check out my previous reply about the colliding with SAWorld callback? - I think it has something to do with the compatibil...
Well done, keep up the good work mate
Alright this is one of the best classic intros I have ever seen good job and keep up with the awesome work adri! It's good to see you back around! REP BOOST+
Amazingly written thanks for this huge efforts I hope that I will know how to use #emit properly one day.. Who knows maybe this tutorial will save me
Can you provide us what you have under OnPlayerDialogResponse for the register dialog as the issue might be there.
Alright, I have converted your command to ZCMD and used sscanf. At the top of your gamemode include ZCMD and sscanf2. pawn Код: CMD:vehicle(playerid, params[]) {{    new car,color,color2;    ...
Thanks for your amazing support I hope that you will keep up the good work..
So still for example if I don't want it to be a collision anymore I should do a timer to check on objects that have collision but they are not active and remove their collision (if I don't want the in...