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Quote: Y less and tommy have already told them and shown pictures of Kye private chat Are you 100% sure about that? They have been secret about their discourse with Kalcor and I c...
Many of us still care about people from this community, so we made our little corner in the internet, which we maintain for years now. It is far pleasant than this forum to be quite honest. We talk ev...
Quote: Originally Posted by ConnorW probably dugi is going to remake them well, nope
Quote: Originally Posted by KingHual good thing people don't get banished from the Discord ( for no reason, right? This Discord server is lit m8!
Just spawn player objects randomly at a specified distance from the player, this will surely make their map stealing tools useless.
Why would you turn a relational database into one or multiple INI files?
There is already a third party solution for cached server lists and clients which can load these type of server lists.
Come up with your own idea.
It's a convenient library. You don't have to include the entire YSI library just for y_test. If you don't use y_test because of personal issues with Y_less (for example re-releasing his work and addin...
"OnPlayerEnterVehicle" is called when a player attempts to enter a vehicle. It doesn't mean that the player is already inside the vehicle. However "OnPlayerEnterVehicle" is not called, if a player por...
Please add semantics checks to your test script. You can use y_test to create an unit test. More about that is available at sampctl wiki and YSI documentation.
Nice test script If it compiles fine then it doesn't mean that it is also semantically correct.