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Hey guys here is a little prison mapping i did when i got bored a while ago and i have decided to release it for you people. If you like it rep me... Код: RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, 3...
Hey guys, I was just wondering if there was anyway to change the actually GM map instead of like adding the removeobject and createobject codes into the script... Can you actually change the default ...
Hi guys I wondered does anyone know where I could find the object ids for /gedit? If you could help that would be very much appreciated Thank you for any feedback guys..
Hello Can anyone tell me how I get a music url for the command /boombox (url) Feedback appreciated
Windows 8 is fine I use that and I can still use my hotkeys on it and have no problems with samp...
does anyone else have a problem when they open samp multiplayer and click internet tab and leave that on for a few minutes? it always seems to crash my samp for me and I have tried redownloading it an...
http://code.******.com/p/samp-stream...q=label%3A0.3e This is the one we are using but it doesnt state anything about max object?
How do you raise the object limit ? we are using stock ravens
I use SAMP map construction and its codes are already converted and i used a few codes but we do have a streamer, Is createdynamicobject better than create object ?
Can some explain to me why when i map something then add the codes to the server it lags the server out or breaks the other mappings that were already there? it lags the server script out and makes ga...
Hello people can someone tell me how i could fix the problem with a gate bug where you use /gedit to make the gates moveable but it seems that rotations arent saving, Basically when the gates move aft...
So i recompile it when i have 0.3e samp downloaded on my computer in the same place and it will be done ?
Guys can someone tell me how i change my server script to 0.3e ?
Hello people i am learning how to script and i wondered if anyone can help me on how to change/update the streamer.dll or ?
So if i update my samp to 0.3d R2 will i need to edit my script at all ?
How do i put a edited copy of my script on my server cause i click compile and it comes up with an error ?
Okay thank you and i am having a problem with a known bug at idlewood gas station when player /exit it sets there VW to 299 and i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to fix this bug
Hey guys i am learning to script and i was wondering if someone could explain to me some basics and how i can add things to my script that our server has already ? Thank you for your feedback guys