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Quote: Originally Posted by MafiaOink OMG how could I forgot the ' LOL thanks so much lmao I've been confused where was I going wrong also should I use %e wherever I use string? Because I...
you're inserting floats and integers into your database as a string this should fix it: Код: VALUES ('%e', %d, %f, %f, %f, %f, %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, '%s') also I see that you're using %s to inser...
Great job, this can be very, very useful! Looking forward to any future updates
Quote: Originally Posted by Joshhh Where's the models folder? if it's not present in your server folder, just create one in the root directory
Quote: Originally Posted by OneDay Why is it public? Public so that it's globally accessible, I tried to remove the public & forwards, but it still shows the same errors
No, you can in fact include "modular" parts of your script via the gamemodes folder. It works for like 20+ other modules in the script, just not this one.
So in gamemodes/gm.pwn I have the following on line 2505 Код: #include "../gamemodes/inc/" The file in gamemodes/inc/ has the follow public (and forwarded) function: PHP ...
I really, really appreciate this. This is so awesome and it looks great. Thank you! edit: server seems to crash after OnPlayerSpawn, any idea why this happens? edit2: crashdetect log: Code: [12:3...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Use a tag override in this case. PHP код: if(IsValidDynamic3DTextLabel(Text3D:i)) DestroyDynamic3DTextLabel(Text3D:i);  Confusing. I thought...
Код: stock DestroyAllLabels() // Destroy ALL 3d labels on the server { for(new i; i < MAX_3DTEXT_GLOBAL; i++) { if(IsValidDynamic3DTextLabel(i)) DestroyDynamic3DTextLabel(i); } return 1; } g...
I've set up sublime to compile from the location of the compiler, however when I compile in sublime I get 65+ errors: Код: warning 219: local variable "i" shadows a variable at a preceding level Howe...
i think it was life telling you to stop playing this shit
Quote: Skills: carding .. did he really just list carding as a skill