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Dafuq man, FileZilla is a file transferring program, not a game server host + Use the search function on top of forums.
I hate it when this happen, any ideas how to fix it: Код: SA-MP Dedicated Server ---------------------- v0.3.7-R2, (C)2005-2015 SA-MP Team [20:00:20] password = "" (string) [20:00:20] gam...
If anyone is in need of a admin,helper,moderator you can pm me or add me on skype: joe_van_wyk1 I can also map, for money.
Will these offers (VPS Classic) have access to remote desktop connection that is what im concerned about.
Which is the best, cheapest vps with remote desktop connection. It must be windows.
the server on the host is windows. my pc is windows. Localhost works fine. Same plugins as host. Same things. All the same. Still doesnt work with smartbytes.
Код: SA-MP Dedicated Server ---------------------- v0.3z-R4, (C)2005-2014 SA-MP Team [11:34:52] password = "" (string) [11:34:52] [11:34:52] Server Plugins [11:34:52] -------------- [11:34:52] L...
Код: [01:49:57] LoadGameMode. [01:49:58] -------------------------------- [01:49:58] Wizarding SAMP Development Team [01:49:58] Our Systems Are Loading... [01:49:58] ...Please Wait. V1.0-BETA [01:...
Include versions which you compiled the script in are different from the plugins you are running the server with.
No, as i said plugin isn't used to compile. Only used to start the server. Quote: Originally Posted by ViperAssasin11 I replaced the include with R39-2
I'm trying to compile a script which uses the things of MySQL R7, I replaced the include with R39-2 and im recieving these errors. Код: ./includes/mysql.pwn(194) : warning 213: tag mismatch ./inc...
So, I did a quick treehouse. Might seem empty. Cause I said "quick". If you like it, +REP! Screenshots: Download:
Can you start a server on a VPS which has OpenVZ