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Quote: Originally Posted by RevGun Why not AP why not BC why not other areas? I would rather play on a 20 player base server than playing on a 400 trash server in LS. Every server I hav...
Well that was an entertaining 7 pages of comments to read. Please, continue while I go grab some popcorn.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sew_Sumi Pretty sure those who you speak to, that are wanting to copy, are either talking shit, and still don't even know how to script, or make anything at all...
It's been a very, very long time since I've coded or posted on this forum. Forgive me if this doesn't fix your issues, but it should. You were using "playerid" in parts where you should've used the va...
Subtract values from the "Z" coordinate until you feel it's low enough. I see you've already done that, did it do anything as far as moving it? I don't know how much help I'll be, it's been awhile si...
The car is connected to the user account system. Extract the code out of that system and make it so the car will spawn when the server runs. A little tip though, it may be a little "un rp" but it will...
Quick question, why is this pawn Код: DestroyVehicle(sweeper[playerid]); under the pizza boy code.
Scripting help isn't a charity. We will help if you need help with coding issues, not build something or find something for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sim_sima I don't know how to do it then. SetVehicleParamsEx can only have lights 1 or 0. It seems like the lights can not be controlled individually with this f...
Please don't refer us/link us to videos to see your problem, because many won't watch. Explain what the problem is.
Well that would depend on how you've scripted your system in. Does your server currently have a vehicle saving system or player account system at all? This isn't something we can entirely write for yo...
Never used it, but I'd assume just barely still alive. Crazy to think that when I first got here everybody was using MSN/AIM/Yahoo and what not to communicate. Now every is using Skype.
Not bad for your first release. Well done, continue to develop this.
Post the code you already have, and we can add onto/fix it. This is the scripting help section, not the script request section.
Quote: Originally Posted by SilentSoul pawn Код: new Float:health;GetPlayerHealth(playerid,health); //check the player health when he use any kind of hacksif (health < 99.0){  new ...
Quote: Originally Posted by kaisersouse No just tired of seeing the same people NOT reading (the fact its a S E C U R I T Y update) and whining like 4 year-olds about 0.4 This update fixe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fitri pawn Code: nantive GetPlayerFiles(files[]) getting player files like mod_sa.dll,etc Has ALWAYS been rejected and is ALWAYS getting brought up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen These icons reflect the average rp server so well. There are 80% icons for some admin or team ranks, just 20% for some basic ingame stuff. Even though fo...
Quote: Originally Posted by Frederico Links down! Please reupload! You realize this gamemode was posted in 2009? The link has been long down if you go back and read, you'll find the lin...