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You have to save the player's data before restarting the server. Also, you shouldn't use OnPlayerUpdate to save player's data.
It have been available there for years.
Quote: Originally Posted by ganglion Looking for someone who can fix one error on my VPS. This is the error: Код: [22:36:35] Loading plugin: [22:36:35] Failed (libmysqlclie...
Looking for someone to work for Play San Andreas Server. The server is hosted and with a stable website (here) and it will be on hosted tab once it become 100% stable. You will get Developer rank whic...
You can get it working with some HTTP and JSON stuff, use their API.
Use SpawnPlayer(playerid); under OnPlayerRequestClass or/and OnPlayerRequestSpawn if the player is NPC.
The way you save and load is completely wrong. Vehicles IDs are always different, you need to have a static ID for the vehicles where you can save and load by them.
OnVehicleSpawn Quote: Originally Posted by SA-MP Wiki This callback is called when a vehicle respawns. IsVehicleInRangeOfPoint is pretty easy to make, either make it yourself or search a...
It's the same what I am doing currently.
Zeex's compiler is the only compiler that works for me.
I already debugged it, the gPlayerAmmo sometimes is less than the real ammo for like 100 .. I assume the issue is not from the GivePlayerWeaponEx function, it's something to do in OnPlayerWeaponShot. ...
Russian compiler crashes while compiling, any idea why and how to fix it? My gamemode takes 250 seconds to compile now ...