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Hi guys, I am attempting to create a script for an Andromada Cargo Hatch, like on the SAP Server. On this script, when either the pilot, or copilot of the andromada type "/open-hatch" a checkpoint wil...
Nice rig :P Now we need a command to make it explode, The sea should then turn black, and a few turtules could wash up dead on the beach..; etc xD
Here you go :
Only thing that would be good is if we could remove objects that are on the GTA SA Map by default for all players on a server... Sadly that function doesn't exist
I am creating the Andromada Cargo System, and when a command, or key is pressed, I want the hatch to open, which means a hatch will apear behind the plane (already done) and inside the cargo area, whi...
Thanks a lot. I was searching all over the place
Hi, I am creating a cargo area for the Andromada, which when you enter a checkpoint you will be teleported to the interior. The checkpoint is created based on the current Andromada location, so using...
Info : This Filterscript was made in MTA map Editor, and consists of a secure, closed off Aiport on the outskirts of LS. There is one entrance gate, which can be opened and closed with the following ...
Info : Here is my first ever "creation". I made it in MTA map Editor, and the Filterscript included is optimized for the Streamer Plugin by Incognito The island has a large runway, that can take any...