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Quote: Originally Posted by Akira297 If anyone has any contact with (this dude). Please let me know! He messaged me a few months back on FACE - BOOK but hasn't replied since. Doubt he's...
YG back in 2010-2012 was booming let me tell you that. Script was simple but the memberbase was fun as fuck. Late 2015 joined RCRP and I'm enjoying every moment of it. PS - tombo def did not pay me t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Astralis Angel Pine/Palomino Creek. Both these places offer great RP. You'll need a decent mapper as well to do adjustments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Potassium I'm not sure if I can make it this Friday, I seem to have misplaced my walking stick :/ I see you still lurk around hunting young people in SA-MP ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity damn bro pretty boring I'm not even that active on SA-MP either. Work + university leaves no time for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Romz Add a function to hide transport from the radar and maps. Код: ToggleVehicleMarker(vehicleid, bool:toggle); This.
The way I see it is that these DayZ servers are dead now. 0.3.8 was a good way to get their activity back up but since they can't use DayZ objects I assume they'll be dead quickly.
If your server is going to be the average one with an edited GM don't even bother.
Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best on this upcoming 2017! <3
Quote: Originally Posted by Darrenr Screenshots arn't loading for me?
Hi, I got a problem with my map editor, it gives me these messages one after another when I try to open it. I've had this program before and I had no issues with it, I don't even have my graphic card ...
I get crashed in a server for no reason even when I don't have any mods installed, I tried asking for support from the helpers there and together we re-installed SA-MP and GTA and tried logging in, af...
Merry Christmas to everyone, may joy and happiness be with you forever
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE Who the f__k are these guys? Connor Mcgregor and Jose Aldo I think it's his name. Rivals since they've been born