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any newer download link? because its broken
Quote: Originally Posted by Private200 Literally found in their F.A.Q: I did found that post, but I couldn't find how to install and which to install ... any idea which one?
Guys i'm having this error when I try to load the plugin with server, can you help me? Code: Failed ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) I am running C...
Hi, I got a problem in my script, which the problem is as follows, I have a notepad textfile called importpickups.txt and I'm trying to read these out every line is another record, but i'm having pro...
Try debugging which one is doing the error, by commenting one by one and then check the file is not corrupt.
think of it this way, you need to save a variable with the team id in his account when he register, after when he login again, simply read that variable from his account and set his team accordingly
If you want host, we can offer host for free if your not expecting donations, and some advertising, contact GameZone on ******** or discord https://www.********.com/GameZon...
for some reason its not working for me.... it does say that is loaded on the server console but when i use the /anim nothing happen
I'm using SQLlite database for the saving system in my gamemode, Is there anyway that I can use like filterscript or something that I update the database on the fly, something that I could run tempora...
i think the SQL is %q not %e in your select statement
if you want a website where you can test your SQL you can use this website:
Is it possible to use the same gamemode of 0.3.7 with the DL version? or there is some tweaks that needs to be done?
please +rep if my post helped <3
save it as a string, in the database, and load it as a string, soppose it will work. and make sure the SQL statement is good, it soppose to work
I tried that as well but still nothing
i tried to follow all that, still not working I checked UAC its off, i tried to set all programs ( gta_sa, samp, samp_debug ) in administrator mode, still nothing and i tried to make hidden folders to...
yes the only file there is there is USERDATA which it saves the server list on the client, also i tried to add the notepad file myself but no use.
but for some reason its not saving :/
Hi, I know that i might sound noob but i been scripting a long time ago and i can't remember couple of things on sa-mp. I'm having a problem on getting the cordinates from the /save command in debug,...