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A whirlpool hash is 128 characters long, the salt is 30 characters long. The hash variable is of the size 129. 128+30 != 129. Just saying
I'm sure there isn't that many [15] in the gamemode. Just search for that and I'm sure you'll find something.
Try changing the name of the command from makeadmin to makeadmintest or something. See if it works.
Take a look into multi-dimensional arrays so you can put all of the data into an array and then take a look at looping. There are plenty of scripts around though that are exactly what you want. Hit up...
Do some commands happen to be above OnPlayerCommandText and some below OnPlayerCommandText? Try removing OnPlayerCommandText and trying again.
Interesting, do you happen to have OnPlayerCommandText within your script as well?
It's sort of what I did with ages ago (not the best example though as it's really outdated). It's pretty much just 1 variable (to set their team) an...
Do you happen to have makeadmin in any other scripts of yours?
Why do you need to loop through MAX_VEHICLES? Try doing the following instead pawn Код: new vehicleid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);for(new i = 0; i < 8; i++){    if(vehicleid == pizzaboy[i...
The error is pretty much exactly what it says. The variable text needs to be created and set to something. It would probably be easier if you asked in sect...
Can you show us your OnDialogResponse?
Try putting random prints each line and see if it puts anything into the console: pawn Код: CMD:makeadmin(playerid, params[]){    new targetid, level, string[100];    print("A");    if(!IsP...
Did you edit pawn Код: $user['Name'] = 'ftp://'.$FTP_USER.':'.$FTP_PASS.'@YOURSERVERIPHERE/samp03/users/'.$_SESSION['Username'].'.ini'; With your server IP? Also, make sure that that's actually ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metharon Please don't post links to stupid includes ! i don't need those "anti-cheats" i need only those 2 The best way to learn how to do this is to look in...
What your code is doing is it will check through the first player in the loop and if they're not in range then it will say that there is no player in range. If you think about the logic of this: ->...
It seems that it's just appending the old password onto the new string. Make sure all strings are cleared before trying to update again. I'm not sure why this is happening (if it's still an issue I'll...
1. Make sure you check that damagedid isn't INVALID_PLAYER_ID before you start checking variables with it. 2. Make sure that TEAM_AT is a created variable.
pawn Код: new string [100000]; Really? Anyway, what command are you trying to type?
I would say that the easiest way is to just timestamp it with gettime then either A: Have a timer every once in a while that checks everyones timestamps against their current ones. B: Use OnPlayerConn...
pawn Код: new carslot = -1;for(new i = 0; i<4; i++){    if(carvariable[playerid] == /*No car*/)        carslot = i;}if(carslot == -1) /*No free car slot*/ I don't really have time to rea...