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Hmmm , does it occur only in 1 server or all of them?
Quote: Originally Posted by BuggedMan I don't have any font mods, and I'm not good with english so what's 'spec'? Specs is the information about your computer. Your GPU , CPU , Motherbo...
Reinstall the game. If you are using a torrent , use another one.
Hmmm , do yo u have any font mods? If yes , uninstall them. And also , what are your specs?
Civilians aint working in SA:MP. But i guess , NPC's who are driving can be created , since i saw one at a roleplay script. (Automatic Taxi , NPC)
Well , in my opinion , there is only ONE THING that makes a server unique. Your server is unique , when you have your OWN script , scripted all by yourself , or your team. That is only my opinion