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Hi everyone, Currently I host my gameservers and my webservers at Hetzner Hosting with CentOS7 as the operating system. I am thinking of transferring to another hosting services. However it's gonna be...
Nice script! Btw you closed your server?
Quote: Originally Posted by KingPlayer Well, I forgot to mention that FiveM is still playable unlike GTA online. There's no point spending your time on GTA online, it's just a waste of tim...
I wonder why they are suddenly releasing the game for free. Could be a sign that GTA 6 is coming really soon maybe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hazon The gamers with shit PC feels the pain. I do too.. I know right, but you can still claim the game into your account though.. And download/install it la...
Check validity of the checkpoint (IsValidDynamicCP) beforehand. If not valid, then create. Otherwise, destroy.
Try installing SA-MP Addon
I used to have similar problems. What I did is by reinstalling all my laptop device drivers, due to the fact that Windows 10 Updates messed up my device drivers (which is a known major issue in Window...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kasichok weird i tried such thing on my server (R2) didnt crash anyone Maybe you might have some mods installed on your SA-MP? Like SA-MP Addon, or GTA SA Cr...
Has any server owners tried hosting their servers on CentOS 8? Any issues?
Quote: Originally Posted by algorhitmically Well, if you have problems with object loading or you don't have time to optimize maps you can use this include and the job will be done for you...
What are the benefits of using this include?
You can use JIT plugin to further optimize your script.
Quote: Originally Posted by Markski Heap/stack size max. usage estimations are based, mostly, on how much depth of function calls your script might fall into. Provided there is no recursio...
Is there a way I can put a limit if theres way too many woods/dmgroute spawned? Like max 10 every time when timer is executed
Great script. It would be cool if there is an option where to generate the missions, such as at LS map only, considering the fact that most servers dont use whole map for their gameplay. Also another ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeroen52 It should work on 0.3DL. Did you try the following? 1. Update all plugins (including SKY) to the 0.3DL version or the newest versin. 2. Update all in...
Anyone have 0.3DL version of this include? Every time I damage a player, the server crashes. Happened after I updated the server to 0.3DL. Quote: [12:15:58] [debug] Server crashed while e...